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  • Judith was very helpful with updating me on my account. She was also patient as well as being very pleasant to speak with. - Anne Marie M.

  • Thank you for you providing us a wonderful and informative session (Spotlight Social). You made it interactive and very engaging for our members that attended. - John N.

  • Nicole was very helpful and friendly and made signing up for my account incredibly easy and enjoyable. Excellent customer service! - Dean S.

  • Great job nice and easy to deal with Miriam and the rest of the staff...  I was in and out. -  Fab K.

  • Avanti is very helpful. Great advice. Prompt service. - Farida S.

  • Cori is amazing and knows her stuff!! She takes the time to explain and help me with all my financial needs. She exudes shockingly excellent services, and everything that she does great working with Cori, and knowing her company is very lucky to employ a person like Cori. - Elizabeth C.

  • Nicole is always helpful & a delight to be with.-Rose S.

  • Thanks Dahlia! Heart of a Saint, Always does the Best to help out when needed.. Great Lady and Human being.-Haneef M.

  • Miriam gave a quick response to my inquiry. - Georgia P.

  • Nicole was very pleasant to speak with and extremely helpful with the issue I was having. I needed access to my accounts and she got it sorted out quickly and went above and beyond to make sure I knew how to re enter in the future. Great work! - Adam C.

  • Looking forward to seeing everybody again at the CU event.- Rose S

  • Carmen, on a personal note I would like to thank you for all your support over the last 3+ years. You have been amazing to work with, always professional, always kind, always there to help, please don't ever change! -John U.

  • Carmen took the initiative to see if Energy would match the interest rate of another financial institution. It is actions like this that helps make Energy competitive and helps to bring in more money into the Energy Credit Union. -Janice W

  • Happy with Cori's service! - Christine M.

  • Cori was very helpful and answered all my questions I asked Thanks again Cori -Christine M.

  • Judi is very informative and helpful. -Joann S

  • Daniel was great! Quick, efficient and friendly. Great customer service!- Shannon B.

  • Daniel is very professional, courteous, informative, and quick. -Robert G.

  • Carmen. We want to thank you for your service over the past year and we also wish to thank management for the gift cards. It's always nice ( and often rare) when a company shows appreciation in some way to loyal customers. -Bob Z.

  • It was a pleasure working with you, Daniel. -Victoria C.

  • Cori is always there to help. She is friendly, competent and always gives the best advice. Credit unions and specifically Cori helped me in a couple of difficult situations in my life and I am absolutely happy and grateful. -Yeganeh P.

  • It is a pleasure dealing with Marcia. -Fred K

  • Miriam answered all my questions in a friendly and professional manner. - Arlene H.

  • Thanks Beth! Prompt response to my request. -Moreen J.

  • Daniel has assisted me tremendously. Extremely pleasant, professional and speedy. He's a keeper! -Jennifer W

  • Overall helpfulness and willingness to assist. Thanks Carmen! - Jennifer W

  • Nicole is always informative and replies back to my emails! -Rose S

  • Thank you Beth! You are wonderful, like always! And I couldn’t function without you! Have a long life and don’t ever think of retiring! Ha! Ha! - Len G.

  • Keep up the fantastic work. I left Toronto Hydro 20 years ago and thought I would give it a try staying with the credit union.   I’m so glad I did. You guys have provided outstanding customer service, given great advice and have provided for my financial needs. As I enter retirement at the end of the year from Oshawa Hydro I look forward to many more years with the Energy CU !!! - Greg M

  • Carmen, thanks so much for all your help over the years.  I truly appreciate your advice.  Thank you also for helping my son-in-law’s father when he had questions about his investments. Whenever we chat, you make us feel at ease and your willingness to help answer any question is always appreciated. You and your colleagues at The Energy Credit Union are always pleasant, understanding, and ready to answer any question. Liz M.

  • Cori is pleasant, informative and patient. She is knowledgeable and offers me products that suit my needs. Most importantly she listens to me. -Veronica E.

  • It was a pleasure working with you, Daniel. -Victoria C.

  • Cory Andrade is always helpful!! - Christine D.

  •  It's always a pleasure to speak to Miriam, she is extremely pleasant, patient and always helpful over the phone when calling in and I appreciate the excellent customer service she gives to a retired member. - Susan B.

  • Cori provides excellent service and follow up. She is professional and knowledgeable. I am grateful to her for her helpfulness. - Rosalyn S.

  • Avanti is always so helpful and kind. - Alysha T

  • Nicole is always so helpful and cheerful with it. - Peter W

  • Happy with Daniel's service! - Ehsani K

  • Happy with Nicole's service! - Tanner M

  • It is always a pleasure dealing with you Beth. Your knowledge, efficiency and dedication to customer service is greatly appreciated by Beverly and myself. I've been with the TECU for the past 40 years, and it is because of people like yourself, that are so helpful that makes being a member feel like being part of a family. Thank you very much for all the help and assistance. Beverly and John

  • Thank you Cori, I appreciate it! - Dan S

  • Prompt responses, 2 thumbs up and thanks Marcia! - Joan P

  • For many years Nicole has been fantastic. Always professional. You can see she sincerely cares for my account issues. Very knowledgeable and explains situations clearly. Well done !!! - Greg M

  • Carmen is pleasant, knowledgeable and has always been able to meet our needs. Carmen is 9.9 out of 10. Sorry, no one is perfect so I do not give tens. - James B

  • Miriam is knowledgeable and informative. She answered all of the questions that I had about my investments, with patience and the utmost professionalism. - Veronica E

  • Happy with Carmen's service! - Alistair R

  • Marcia is always efficient in her work. If she can make it happen, it will be done. Always replies in a timely Fashion. - Norma C

  • Wonderful service Judi. Very helpful and pleasant. - Sherry S

  • In a world of faceless, anonymous online banking, the Energy Credit Union stands out as a place where you are a person, not just an account number. I have been a member of The Energy Credit Union for over 35 years and I can honestly say that it feels more like a family than a bank. We got our first mortgage with them in 1988, and indeed we were able to pay it off early because of advice from the credit union. A family member got their first mortgage with them in 2021, at a time when all the banks we’re advising a variable mortgage, the credit union offered them a 5 year locked in, so that as first time buyers they would have the comfort of knowing their payments for 5 years.   As they walked through the mortgage process, they felt comforted knowing that the Energy Credit Union was “on their side”.   Recently, there was some suspicious activity on my account, and the credit not only noticed it before I did, but they took the time to call me personally.  I cannot see a “big bank” doing that!  Thank you to all the staff of Energy Credit Union for your kindness, professionalism, and personal care over the years! - Terry W

  • Job well done, as always, thanks Beth! - Bruce T

  • Thanks Avanti, you were really helpful in all Questions I had . It is good to talk to someone who is knowledgeable ! Carry on like that! - Lilo K

  • Beverly and I are very grateful for the service you provide. You are very knowledgeable, professional, customer focused, and a pleasure to deal with. We can always count on you Beth! - John F

  • Carmen, We want to thank management and thank all of you for your service over the past year. Just want to add that it's nice for a company to show appreciation for its customers. Doesn't happen very often. - Bob Z

  • Thanks for your help Nicole. - Randy R

  • I wanted to reach out to let you know that your employee Carmen went above and beyond in assisting one of our (Oshawa Community Credit Union) members with a fraud situation and advising one of our employees of the situation. Her dedication and efforts to protect people against fraud is greatly appreciated!! 

  • The branch at Gerdau's Whitby Mill was closed but Nicole was happy to help over the phone and fulfilled my needs. - Matthew J

  • Cori is so friendly and helpful and always there when you email or call her. - Lisa C

  • Marcia is very knowledgeable. I had the requested form in my email inbox in minutes. Things couldn't have gone better. - Paul L

  • Miriam was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with Thank you for your professional assistance. - Dean G

  • Excellent service, thanks Marcia! - Sedrick S

  • Avanti was very helpful with my TFSA inquiry and prompt service, much appreciated. - Richard G

  • Carmen gave, very efficient service. Totally pleased. Very timely done. - Perle N

  • Miriam is always attentive to my problems or concerns. Always friendly and supportive. - Stephen S

  • Always fast and excellent service. Thanks Cori! - Sasha D.

  • Daniel Sidey was a great help to me. Very congenial and pleasant to speak with.. Thanks Daniel! - Wayne G.

  • Miriam is always such a pleasure to work with! She helps me with everything I need! - Shannon B

  • Judi, you were very prompt in your response times and very helpful! All my issues were resolved and all my questions were answered. Thank you!! - Andrew A

  • Nicole is always so kind and helpful !!!! - Brea J

  • Nicole has a good, personable manner. She took care of my financial needs. Thanks, Susan D

  • Miriam is great to deal with. Her quick responses to our endless questions and requests had always been a painless process. There had never been a moment when I would hesitate to write or call her. Great asset to the Credit Union. Do keep up the great work Miriam. - Anthony L

  • Nicole, it was good speaking with you yesterday.  It was very encouraging to hear a friendly voice at the other end of the line. For the 35 years or so that I have been a member, the financial and other support services provided by The Energy Credit Union have been essentially flawless, devoid of problems.  The few times I have had a concern, you have been extremely kind, reassuring, and helpful.  And always you have affected a timely and satisfactory resolution!  A big THANK YOU! for everything you do on behalf of all Energy Credit Union members. - Colleen R

  • Marcia, it is always a pleasure doing business with you. I appreciate all your assistance and patience with us during the lending process. You are amazing at what you do and you are one of the reasons why I will keep doing business with Energy CU. Paying off high interest loans feels like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. Vince – Member since 2014

  • I have been a member of the Energy Credit Union for about 30 years. In all these years I have enjoyed an excellent banking relationship with them. Staff are always professional and courteous. I appreciate the awesome customer service I receive here. Staff members are always willing to make suggestions and provide banking solutions which work in my favour. The Energy Credit Union offers personalized service that banks can’t match. Special shout-out to Nicole, Mark, Marcia and Miriam for always providing service excellence!!

    Mark Y- Longtime member
  • We’ve had the pleasure of working with Cori for our financial needs for many years. Her advice and guidance has been so helpful!  She is always patient with our many questions and always responsive in finding the best solutions that work for us!  Thank you once again for your help!

    Lori & Taso - Members since 2013.
  • I called with questions, and even though they weren't going to be able to help me at their bank, Jesse helped me figure out another solution. Greatly appreciate the good customer service.

    Patty Anne -from Google Reviews
  • I was fortunate to get the service of Miriam Rivera this week once again.  She is so pleasant and so personal.  Her service is impeccable.  Every time I dealt with her the experience was same.  She is an excellent customer service rep and a very valuable member of the Energy Credit Union.

    Mary, member since 2004.
  • Energy CU treats its members like family. They will always offer a solution that meets the needs of members, unlike many other financial institutions.

    Moreen, member since 2011
  • “I wish to thank your entire team for being supportive during these times! In all my years with TECU, they go above and beyond, the most empathetic team I’ve had the honor to know. They listen to your personal situation, make suggestions and help you during these times both emotionally and financially! With all other financial institutions not willing to help, they have been there for me! Thank you for all your help!”

    -long-time member, Karen Starchuk
  • I want to give an incredible shout out to Cori. I was struggling today with a lot of things and Cori was AMAZING!! She spent so much time with me today on the phone. She was professional; kind and so patient. She really was spectacular! Sometimes we do not acknowledge the good things in life, we only reinforce negative things.  I like to thank and appreciate wonderful customer service and Cori today rocked it!

    Sharon Wilson
  • Fantastic!!!! Always helpful, happy returns messages super fast, always fast and efficient. Always looks out for member. Super happy with my credit union!

    Tracy Rocha
  • Thank you so much!! I have to say since joining the tecu I have received nothing short of fast, knowledgable and efficient staff. I prefer dealing with the credit union then my own personal bank and will definitely consider transfer all my banking when my mortgage comes for renewal. Keep up the great work

  • First and foremost I need to Thank You for your outstanding diligence, kindness and attentiveness for me Always.

  • As I am sure you are aware, my husband retired from the T.T.C. almost four years ago and we now live about 5 hours away from your credit union. However, we have always enjoyed such wonderful service from everyone we have dealt with that we would not dream of changing. Thank you so much for your assistance today with my transaction.

    Melanie Ann MacKenzie
  • You have helped me buy my truck & my house.

    Andrew Evelyn
  • Thank you so much, the Energy Credit Union is fantastic and I am pleased that it’s so easy to request funds from my account.

    Penny Stroeder
  • I walked into the loan office hopeless, lost and confused coming from a broken marriage after 21 years. Where do I start? How do I pick up the pieces. But after speaking with staff who took the time to walk me through the different services provided by the Energy Credit Union that would cater to my needs. Now the future looks brighter for my kids and I. I went in hopeless, came out hopeful. Thank you!

    Sherrell Peterson
  • I am very pleased with the service we received from TECU as a whole. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and efficient which made our mortgage transfer so easy. Being a member of an organization like this feels really good!

    Jemila Harrison-Nuroh

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