Member Security

This area of our website is dedicated to the education of our members regarding security issues that may impact their lives. Swindlers utilize numerous methods to exploit others, but one thing is certain:
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

At TECU we care about our members and their security. If you receive a suspicious email or a pop-up window asking you to verify or submit confidential or personal information such as your account number, PIN, password do not respond and do not click on any of the links provided. Please contact us immediately at 416-238-5606 and forward any suspicious emails to us at [email protected].

Some online merchants are now trying to reduce the risk of fraudulent credit card transactions by creating an additional verification called Secure Code. Members that have a Credit Union MasterCard and make a purchase online will need to set-up a secure code.  Click here to connect. Once registered, you will create your own secure code (minimum 6 characters) to use when making online purchases with those merchants that have added this extra level of protection.

Listed below are some links to ways in which you can protect yourself, your family and friends. We will update this section on a regular basis so please, check back for the latest developments! If you can think of any other ideas that may be useful, let us know at [email protected]. We also discuss the latest scams on our Urban Vault Blog, so don't forget to check there as well!

RRSP & RRIF Schemes

Don't withdraw your registered funds using fraudulent schemes

Online Banking Security

Best practices and additional ways to stay secure when using the Internet

PIN Protection

Simple ways to protect your personal identification number

Identity Theft

Information on what it is and what to do if you become a victim


What it is and tips on how to stop those that are phishing for your personal information

Credit Ratings

Your credit rating, what it means and what protective steps are available if you suspect fraud

Email Viruses & Vishing

Common warning signs of computer  viruses  and vishing (e-mail extortion) 


Canada Revenue Mail, Nigerian, Fake Cheques & Cheque Cashing, Pet Adoption, Rental, Home Equity Line of Credit & Loan Wire, Telephone Credit Card, Missed Call

Money Laundering
& Counterfeit Money

Definition of money laundering and information on counterfeit $100 bills in circulation